Friday, October 12, 2018

100 Friends just purchased 1000 wheelchairs for rural poor in Vietnam

Hoang Quyet Tam was born in Thanh Hoa Province. He is a military veteran and served in the army from 1970 to 1978 in the B war zone from Quang Tri to Tay Ninh Provinces, one of the most heavily bombed areas. When he returned from war, he worked as a driver, but unfortunately his legs got weaker and he became fully paralyzed about 10 years ago.

His wife is also a military veteran, and they got married but did not have children. It was not until he got a health check up that he was found to be affected by Agent Orange dioxin. Both of them are now unable to work due to their deteriorating health condition, so they live on a government subsidy that provides 3 million VND per month ($128 USD).

If they were healthy, that money would be enough for them to survive, but Tam has to spend most of the money on his medical costs, including medicinefor stomach and back pain and treatment for his high blood pressure and liver problems. Recently there were many family events that require money, including funerals and weddings, and he shared that he often struggled financially.Tam’s friends have tried to help him because they feel sorry for him. They were able to give him a wheelchair before, but it broke.Today he is so happy to receive a good wheelchair. He thinks that it is very strong, and it will replace his legs to make him mobile again and help him to not to drag on the floor any more. Thank you so much for your kindness and big heart that has helped this man so much, wheelchair sponsor!

Dear Marc,

It is so nice of you, Marc. Actually I was very moved when I met and talked with Hoang Quyet Tam, I did not have much money but anytime traveling and meeting with poor or disabled people,  I always give them 200,000 VND, I also did it with Uncle Tam after our conversation, he did wear a very old and torn shirt, I wished that he could be somewhere in Hanoi so that I could give him some shirts sometimes as we did receive secondhand clothes often from experts who leave Vietnam for their home country.

If you would like to send money to him, I have his address and phone number, I can transfer to him through post office which is the closest to his house so his wife can receive it.

I could not know how to express my feelings at the moment but I am very grateful to your big heart, Marc!

Wishing you a good health to do a good job to help people in need all around the world!

Kindest regards,


Dear Hanh,

Thank you for sending me more information about Hoang Quyet Tam. I would like to send 3,000,000 VND to Hoang Quyet Tam and his wife ($128 USD). 

If this seems excessive or inappropriate in any way, please let me know but I assume that this is okay.

Let me know and then I will send these funds to the HSCV address in Minnesota. Then you can transfer these donation to him through the post office which is the closest to his house so his wife can receive it.

Best always,


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