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Support compassionate, practical and culturally compatible philanthropy

Support compassionate, practical and culturally compatible philanthropy
Support compassionate, practical and culturally compatible philanthropy

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

$7 saved a boy from losing his hand. Lombok, Indonesia April, 2019

$7 saved a boy from losing his hand. 

We met this family in Lombok Indonesia. The teenage son showed us his hand which was injured and badly infected which kept him from going to school. 

With the donations to 100 Friends we were able to give the family $7 for his treatment. We also provided them with rice, cooking oil and eggs. One week later we received news that the hand had healed and the boy was back in school.

This is the boy with the infected hand, black shirt, lower right of photo:

Monday, April 22, 2019

Support provided for grandmother and her grandkids after their parents abandoned them in Cambodia - March 2019.

I would like to send you the photo of the twin boys that 100 Friends has been providing the milk with SCCO.

For Min Sok (the grandmother taking care of her grandchildren after the parents abandoned them) we bought rice for her and she will come to pick up 10kg a week from SCCO, we don't want to give her all for one time, the rice cost only 25$ so we will keep continue to providing her more.


Friday, April 19, 2019

Community Care Myanmar March, 2019 Yangon - Shwe Thue boy with multiple problems

Hi Marc,

Here is the boy i told you about. His name is Shwe Thue he was 8 years old and he been attending in the kindergarten in a slum of CCM 3 months already. He have one elder brother he still have mom and dad but they can't find regular job there from Ayawady devision and they live in Dagonsekkan 3 years.His not have very good health a lot of issue but i give you one example.

His eye coming out little by little and always have tears on his eyes.I think us i heard about him he born have problem who knows how he get that. He dont have harmed.But whenever he go to school is so happy at least he play with some of the kids his very shy because of his condition.Obviously this is only far i can explain about this boy.

Of course again because of his parents no permanent job they can't bring him to doctor. But if you see the kids in person its really sad at least even though he had this kind of things he still like to go school. Okay that's it


Community Care Myanmar March, 2019 Yangon - Malnourished baby

From Rossel:

The Baby name Suh Pung Chit. She is leaving with the grandma she have mother and father working and send money but its only enough for them for the food if you see the kids she already 3 years and 2 months. 

Her condition is if you see her look like special kids right she can stand only littel she get easy to get tired. And many food that she can't eat because her health her grandmother said when they went to doctor for her check she had a problem with her heart. She could not breathe properly. They need help for 100 friends to go in a doctor if you see her in person you really feel sad.Also below is a short video when Ben his explained about it.