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Support compassionate, practical and culturally compatible philanthropy

Support compassionate, practical and culturally compatible philanthropy
Support compassionate, practical and culturally compatible philanthropy

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Report June, 2018 on 100 Friends Healthcare and Social Services Project part of "Community Care Myanmar" in Yangon, Burma

Community Care Myanmar(CCM) provides educations and a nutrition food program in the slum in Yangon but we have wanted to do more medical and social service in the community.Thanks to the support that 100 Friends provided we have been able to do this. Here are some examples of what we have been able to do because of your grant.Please see the picture .We have found care giver for Little girl who was abandoned by her mother.We help to treat little girl who was not accepted in community because of her skin disease.We were able to keep giving  support to a lady who has suffer from polio.We were able to provide first aid  treatment and clinic follow up for two children who were both burn with hot water.We were able to take lady with heart failure to a clinic.We provide medicine and transportation to hospital for a baby with acute ear infection.We give health teaching to adults in the village and you will see in picture we are teaching them to make soap.We took mother and child to hospital for immediate care for allergic reaction.We provide clothing and food to people in need.We provided emergency hospital care for very malnourished mother and child.From your donation we were able to add one more to our CCM staff her name is Tluangte.

Thank you again for your help it is very appreciated.

Mawite    Director CCM.

Here are some pictures of what we have been able to do because of your
1. We have found the new born baby who does not bread feeding by his
mother and do not have to drink milk. We help to buy milk powder and
help the family for food.
2. We help the child who was effected brain from his birth. We help to
do excise regular and the need.
3 We can continue to help a child who have tuberculosis (TB) and help
to go hospital and get medicine,
transportation , and food .
4. We found the girl who is grade 10, she does not have to buy school
supply and does not have to pay tuition fee.
5. We have helped the boy who felt down from the tree and broken bone,
help transportation to go to hospital and medicine.
6. We found the grandmother who do not care by her children and help for food.
7. We were able to care the child who is malnutrition with diarrhea.
8. We could help the grandmother who have skin disease and help food for family.
9. we were able to help to go to hospital to deliver baby and supply
for the baby need.
10. We continue to help the man who has accident by car transportation
for appointment with doctor.
11. We care of some pregnant lady we help to go to check in hospital
and help transportation and vitamin.
12. We could able to help the lady who having pain her arm and nerve
after accident from motorcycle.  We help to go to hospital and
13. We were able to help and save a child who was sick with Hemorrhage
Dengue fever.
"As we are working in Dagonseikkan (squatters camp) , we know and see many thing  need for health ,In Dagonseiikan there is one small clinic but the clinic open only until 12:00 noon , and not every day .  Dagonseiikan is far from government hospital, The community  they cannot go easily because they need to spend transportation, food, medicine.

In Dagonseikkan there is difference kind of disease like diarrhea skin diseases  cough etc . There are so many  pregnant lady who were do not know how to care during pregnancy.  In Dagonseikkan most of them have home delivery. The children were malnutrition."
if we have fund we want to do more health care  to help the people .
Now two of the staff go twice a week and we would want to increase the out reach and if money was more we could do more.

 The "do more" means that we would be able to go into the community each day and visit with individual families and assess the health and social needs of the family. We would do a cursory assessments and then provide logistical support for medical treatment if needed.

Sometimes a bag of rice, sometimes education, sometimes the purchase of medicine, or even help to supplement the cost for a family to stay in a home. Domestic abuse is common, alcoholism is common, as are all the problems that are derived by extreme poverty. These are the problems that are addressed normally by community health services, but these services are nonexistent in DS (Dagonseikkan) save for the staff of CCM.
 1. Tu khah Pih Sung (a small baby) , she may need  to spend a round one lack for medicine ,transportation , Doctor fee etc. (Awaiting further details from Mawite)
2. Jone Na De Oo, She may need to spend  for medicine, transportation Doctor fee around 70,000 kyats ($52) (Awaiting further details from Mawite)
3. Nutritional supplements for mother and malnourished child recently released from hospital. 
4. Hearing specialist for one of the hostel children
5. Vitamin supplements for children and several of the pregnant ladies in DS.
6. Many children with fungal and bacterial skin infections in DS.
7. Colds, flu, and assorted childhood diseases go untreated in DS village
8. Diarrhea, gastrointestinal problems common in DS.
9. Insufficient wound care common in DS
10. Dental problems are untreated and is a major problem in DS 
11. Need to provide logistics for initial clinic visits for pregnancies

 It is important that the field staff have the discretion and flexibility to use services outside of the DS community and are able to offer medicines, social services and logistical support in a timely manner. We act when emergencies come, but we are quite limited in our outreach capacity and this is the purpose of our request.

Ayesha Gregorio Ignancio - Filipino baby girl receiving eye treatment for benign tumor

Hi Sue,

The family just got back to us. 

The tumor is NOT malignant, it is benign! 

Without your donation this family would never have been able to afford to see a specialist and get it properly diagnosed and treated - in the past, present and future. The asked to send their deepest and most grateful thanks for your help.

The baby's name is Ayesha Gregorio Ignancio - the mother's name is Rhea Ignacio. In this photo the tumor is filled with liquid and they were reluctant to even touch it.


Since they gave the injection, the tumor has gotten dry and hard. The doctor says this is good. When she is older they should be able to give either more injections to make it much smaller or remove it surgically. The baby is in good health. Your donation is paying the medical bills for present and future treatment. These photos were taken today:





Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Hi Marc Gold.
This photo may be help for 100 Friend. 
 This lady is called  Daw Tin Hlah from Myanmar.she is 56 Years old .Her husband died last 7years ago.She have 4 daughters and  3 of her daughters  were married 
and her youngest daughter did not get marry. One of her daughter who married she pass away after she have ababy,and now Grandmother and grandchild and her youngest daughter were live together.Her youngest daughter is working in construction and she earn 4000 Kyat per day ($2.92) but she does not have regular to work .So this family do not have to eat enought food . We buy rice egg , oil, shop, noddle, tooth paths  .The grand mother start to cook that we give them.
Not only that Daw Tin hlah is some time having difficulty breathing so CCM team is helping for her medication and  to check her health.
Thank you 

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Support for a children (school supplies) in a small Cambodian Village

Written June 2, 2018 Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Dear Marc, 

I pick up the money from the Western Union two day ago. 

Today we broght the book pen, pencil, toothbrash, toothpast, paper, coloring book, hidden game for 230 children, we spent 300$ for that stuff and 137$ from Hundred Friend. 

You can have a look for the photo bellow and I will send more detail by email. Thanks for your help.


Friday, June 15, 2018

Support for the Children of BSSK Children's Center near Kolkata, India

Dear Marc, 

Greetings to you from Baruipur Sitakundu Sneh Kunja (BSSK) and hope you are well. 

I am sure you are enjoying yourself with your lovely wife as Max told me that you would meet her in the Philippines... 

Had received your money sometime back to buy stuff for the kids everyday needs and basic necessities... I am therefore enclosing the necessary bills for your kindness and kind perusal and for you to get back to the Donors... 

Sending the photos of the bills paid in two lots as over 20mb. 

1. Grocery - 10,905
2. Grocery - 1426
3. Books -  2162
4. Books -  1955
5. School shoes -  877
6. School shoes -  210
7. Cake - 450
8. Top -  160
9. Inner - 180
10. Fuel -  400
11. Utensils -  800
12. School uniform - 620
13. Shampoo & Cosmetic - 1254
14. Chicken -  1250
15. Sanitary Napkins -  7290

Total money spent = Rs. 29,939 ($437 USD)

I have also received the money you helped raise for repairing works of the roof. But I am very sorry to share that we are not getting laborers to work on the roof tops as its very hot here and everyone is unwilling to work in the scorching heat and also because it's the month when Muslims fast and election aftermath.... 

Please do not worry because as soon as the works are completed I shall send you both photos of work in progress and bills.... So sorry for the delay! 

Do take care of yourself....

Take care, thanks and warm regards, 


June 2018 Update

June 13, 2018
Balibago, The Philippines
Greetings from The Philippines. I am here with Rossel visiting her daughter and family. Her daughter Angelica - now 13 years old - will immigrate next year to live with us in Orange County, California next May, 2018 (but I will still travel to Asia three months per year to visit and assess current projects and create new ones as well)


100 Friends is doing really well. In December we will celebrate our 30th year in operation and we will probably have a celebration in San Francisco later this year.
A few days ago the 10 children staying in the two group homes (hostels) from Community Care Myanmar in Yangon started their second year in the local public school (there are no schools in the squatters camp except what we are able to offer).

First day of school - so excited and happy:

We have a social work, healthcare and emergency support program to augment the education and nutrition programs. Here is one family who received health education, infant formula and immunization for the children. The little girl on the far left is in our hostel program:

10 (2).jpg

The young mother below was beaten and abandoned by her husband. We provided counseling, infant formula, food, emergency funds and re-connected her to her family for further support:

Our new kindergarten is 20 miles outside of Phnom Penh, Cambodia has been opened at CBO (Children's Bridge Organization) since November, 2017. Thirty-two children are attending and we have two teachers and a cook on staff. They are learning Khmer (Cambodian), English, basic math, art, dancing and other subjects:

painting (1).png
painting (2).png

painting (3).png
painting 1.png
here is a sample of some other projects funded by the Kligerman family:

1. A family living in a village in Indonesia needed (their first) shower with a bucket toilet - cost = $300 - here it is:


2. Some photos from our new library in Amdo (Tibet):

More photos of the library are here:

Here are some photos of my work in Tibet in the past:

3. A young woman in Kolkata, India named Amrita Jha received a scholarship from 100 Friends. Her letter of thanks is reproduced here:

100 Friends slideshow:

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Dear Marc, 

Thanks you very much for all of support that is great. 

For Srey Khourch she now still want to go back to Siem Reap so I still don't know what will happen? Can you send 100$ just support them for food​  and register for school in Preah Vihea if she agree to do that. 

30$ a Month for Vithey is great, she will very happy about that. 

For Mom family can you help for another 3 Month or 6 Month? 

For Nhan Da family 150$ would be good, they still need food and matarial for the school. 

Any way me and my colleague will bring some books for the library in Kampong Thom province next weekend an we are thinking to buy some books and pen for 229 studen at the primary school there, we need 60 cent for each child so we need 137$ for all, I am not sure if you want to support that too? 

I am looking forward to see you Marc, we will see the result after 14th June.