Friday, June 15, 2018

Support for the Children of BSSK Children's Center near Kolkata, India

Dear Marc, 

Greetings to you from Baruipur Sitakundu Sneh Kunja (BSSK) and hope you are well. 

I am sure you are enjoying yourself with your lovely wife as Max told me that you would meet her in the Philippines... 

Had received your money sometime back to buy stuff for the kids everyday needs and basic necessities... I am therefore enclosing the necessary bills for your kindness and kind perusal and for you to get back to the Donors... 

Sending the photos of the bills paid in two lots as over 20mb. 

1. Grocery - 10,905
2. Grocery - 1426
3. Books -  2162
4. Books -  1955
5. School shoes -  877
6. School shoes -  210
7. Cake - 450
8. Top -  160
9. Inner - 180
10. Fuel -  400
11. Utensils -  800
12. School uniform - 620
13. Shampoo & Cosmetic - 1254
14. Chicken -  1250
15. Sanitary Napkins -  7290

Total money spent = Rs. 29,939 ($437 USD)

I have also received the money you helped raise for repairing works of the roof. But I am very sorry to share that we are not getting laborers to work on the roof tops as its very hot here and everyone is unwilling to work in the scorching heat and also because it's the month when Muslims fast and election aftermath.... 

Please do not worry because as soon as the works are completed I shall send you both photos of work in progress and bills.... So sorry for the delay! 

Do take care of yourself....

Take care, thanks and warm regards, 


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