Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Hi Marc Gold.
This photo may be help for 100 Friend. 
 This lady is called  Daw Tin Hlah from Myanmar.she is 56 Years old .Her husband died last 7years ago.She have 4 daughters and  3 of her daughters  were married 
and her youngest daughter did not get marry. One of her daughter who married she pass away after she have ababy,and now Grandmother and grandchild and her youngest daughter were live together.Her youngest daughter is working in construction and she earn 4000 Kyat per day ($2.92) but she does not have regular to work .So this family do not have to eat enought food . We buy rice egg , oil, shop, noddle, tooth paths  .The grand mother start to cook that we give them.
Not only that Daw Tin hlah is some time having difficulty breathing so CCM team is helping for her medication and  to check her health.
Thank you 

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