Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Ayesha Gregorio Ignancio - Filipino baby girl receiving eye treatment for benign tumor

Hi Sue,

The family just got back to us. 

The tumor is NOT malignant, it is benign! 

Without your donation this family would never have been able to afford to see a specialist and get it properly diagnosed and treated - in the past, present and future. The asked to send their deepest and most grateful thanks for your help.

The baby's name is Ayesha Gregorio Ignancio - the mother's name is Rhea Ignacio. In this photo the tumor is filled with liquid and they were reluctant to even touch it.


Since they gave the injection, the tumor has gotten dry and hard. The doctor says this is good. When she is older they should be able to give either more injections to make it much smaller or remove it surgically. The baby is in good health. Your donation is paying the medical bills for present and future treatment. These photos were taken today:





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