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Support compassionate, practical and culturally compatible philanthropy
Support compassionate, practical and culturally compatible philanthropy

Sunday, December 01, 2019

The Broken Rickshaw

In 1989 I chanced upon an elderly man named Babbu Sidhu operating a bicycle rickshaw in India. I was his passenger and at one point the vehicle cracked and completely collapsed and broke in two. It was a mess and we draw a crowd of curious onlookers.

I slightly injured my leg and arm. The driver was uninjured but he sat on the curb weeping and he was very distraught. I thought, "I am the one who was injured, so why he is crying?"

A bystander explained to me that the rickshaw was both his home AND his livelihood. He barely made enough money each day (about $1.50) to buy a little food and he could never afford to repair his rickshaw..

I offered to make his rickshaw like new on the condition that he would go to Mother Teresa’s Home for the Destitute and Dying in the slums of Kolkata once a week for a year, and take the sisters wherever they needed to go at no charge. It cost all of $35 to repair and revamp the rickshaw. When I returned to Kolkata a few years later, I found out he had kept his word and the Sisters of the Mother Teresa order were very fond of Babbu Sidhu and gave him lots of business.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

100 Friends supporting Van and the team from Blue Dragon in Hanoi, Vietnam providing assistance for girls rescued from a nightmare in China. April, 2019

Rescue and recovery for victims of sex trafficking

Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation has been addressing human trafficking since 2005. While the term "human trafficking" covers a wide range of crimes, our work is in two specific areas: the trafficking of children into exploitative labour and the trafficking of Vietnamese women and girls into sexual exploitation and forced marriages in China.

Regarding sex trafficking, women and girls are typically trafficked across the border of Vietnam and
China and then sold to men in forced marriages: an insidious effect of the now abolished One Child
Policy. Although these are referred to as "forced marriages", there is no legal certification and the
women are bought and sold as property or as domestic slaves.

Traffickers tend to target the poorest and most vulnerable young people, particularly ethnic minority
women and girls who may not have many opportunities in their home communities. Once trafficked,
most women will not know where they are and will be confined to the house, forced into domestic
slavery, and face physical and sexual abuse. In some cases, the husband has a disability or mental health problems. The victim may be on-sold when the husband tires of her, needs money, or after she has a child.

Blue Dragon’s response

A victim of human trafficking reunited with her son after being trapped in slavery for 13 years.

To combat human trafficking, Blue Dragon has a team of lawyers, psychologists and social workers who work closely with law enforcement agencies, schools, government services agencies, and communities.

Together, we identify cases of trafficking, find the victims and their traffickers, rescue victims, and
provide all the necessary services for their successful recovery and reintegration back into their
communities. We do not give up until the victim’s freedom is secured.

In the last 12 months, Blue Dragon rescued 88 victims of human trafficking, 2 of whom were trafficked for labour exploitation and 86 for sex exploitation. We also assisted another 60 victims who were rescued by the police to return home.

The rescue is only the first step. Victims of sex trafficking are often highly traumatized by their
experiences of violence and exploitation. Blue Dragon provides both emergency and long-term physical and psychological care to help these women overcome their trauma, and begin to recover.

The first step is emergency assistance, and your donation from The Flerlage Foundation and 100 Friends of $1,000 US has meant that we could provide emergency assistance; counseling, health care, nutrition, clothing and basic hygiene products, and accommodation for a week for five girls returned from China. Normally the girls stay around a week to receive Blue Dragon’s assistance, and ensure that it is safe for them to return home to their community.

Once the girls seem stable, and we know it’s safe, a Blue Dragon staff member accompanies the girl to return home. At this time we also assess the home situation so we can make a better plan for any
necessary long term support such as helping with medical costs, or expenses to return to school.

Story of Transformation: Khue

Age when Khue first met: 14. Age now: 16

                  Khue and other survivors on a therapeutic trip outside the city.

Khue comes from a rural province in northern Vietnam. In 2016, a distant relative convinced Khue’s
mother to let Khue and her step-sister go to work in a factory in China. As the family were very poor,

Khue’s mother had accrued significant debts, so they thought this could be an opportunity to clear their debts and improve their situation. However, once Khue and her sister had crossed the border, they found themselves locked in a house as the trafficker planned to sell them into forced marriages with Chinese men.

A few days later, the local Chinese police conducted a regular check and recued the girls. Blue Dragon was contacted and we assisted in their repatriation to Vietnam. Both girls stayed in our emergency accommodation in Hanoi for a short period, when our psychologists and social workers supported them with healthcare, nutrition, therapy and material assistance.

Once the girls were ready, our social worker accompanied the girls back to their family. After
assessment, we concluded that both sisters were at risk of being trafficked again if we did not provide
them with long-term support. We discussed the situation with Khue’s mother and agreed for her and
her sister to move to Hanoi to study. We offered them a place in our homes for trafficking survivors in
Hanoi, where carers are always present to help girls and women heal and grow. Khue has returned to
high school and her sister has started a vocational training course. Both are adapting well to the new
environment and take part in activities organised by Blue Dragon. Khue in particular enjoys dancing and regularly participates in dance classes. Khue does not have a particular plan for her future yet. She wants to keep going to school and participating in Blue Dragon activities. We are with her every step of the way.

Also this tells the typical story of how Blue Dragon helps these rescued girls:

More information about rescuing Vietnamese girls from China:

First, listen to this:

Then peruse these articles:

Saturday, September 07, 2019

Saory is a young Cambodian rural girl full of dreams and 100 Friends has awarded her a scholarship.


Saory is a young girl was born on 11th April 2001in Krangthom village, Ou Sandan commune Krakor district, Pursat province. 

She has 3 siblings and she is the oldest daughter in the family. Nowadays, she lives with her old grandma. Her grandma is doing some farming and making rice cake to sell in order to feed the family. Her parents were divorced and each of them has been re-married. Her father is a worker in Thailand with his new wife, and left his son (with the second wife) with his mother in his village. Soary’s mother works as dish washing lady at the restaurant in Phnom Penh. Saory is living with her grandma’s mother side and her two other brothers are living with their grandma, her father side. 
Saory is a strong young girl, she loves studying very much. I always spend sometimes meeting with her and discuss about her study, because I want to see Saory has a brighter future despite I sometimes have to challenges with her own mother in order to keep her in school, while trying to explain her mother of how importance education is to her own daughter. 

Her mother wants her to quit school since grade 9, but I always try to encourage Saory and trying to inspire her to not give up on her study because I think, only education is a one way ticket to change someone’s life to the better. Even though, she was born poor and her living situation is difficult, and her life is full of struggles, but she always value education every much. She rides her old bike and wears old cloth to school with her old bag but her face is full of hope and patient.  
She is just a young rural girl with full of patient and dreams with a clear life’s plans. She loves studies with just listening, reading or observing or practice, she always did it well. She has a good manner and always use the good knowledge she has learned to apply in her daily life. All of these reasons that inspired me to support her to continue her higher education with the skill she loves. 

I believe that she will become from the struggle young girl to be a young woman full of capacity and potentials and would become a role model for young people in her community and our society and especially will become a good role model for many young girls who are struggling to fight for a better future through education just like herself.

August 28, 2019

Friday, September 06, 2019

100 Friends Sponsors First Legal Training for Rural Women in Northern Vietnam Law on marriage and family, Law on Gender Equality, Law on domestic violence prevention and control, Children Law.

September 6, 2019

Dear Marc,

Greetings from Hanoi!

With your kind support, the legal training took place last month. Despite the heavy rains  25 women out of total 35 women in our project attended the trainings.

Training topics included: Law on marriage and family, Law on Gender Equality, Law on domestic violence prevention and control, Children Law. 

The women were very excited to take part in that training. For many it was the first time they had a chance to meet with a lawyer and discuss about the problems in their family relating to training topics. They received valuable advice from the lawyer. The participants were divided into smaller groups for discussion on specific topics. 

After the training, the participants had a better understanding on legal, their rights and roles in the family. They were also provided with guidance on what and how to do when the domestic violence occurs and hotlines of centers/agencies that support victims of domestic violence. 

We will also be updating the project progress here –

Thanks again for your kind support of this project. We are excited about supporting these women and their families. 

Best regards,


Pham Quynh Trang
Program Manager
Humanitarian Services for Children of Vietnam (HSCV)

Monday, August 26, 2019

Community Care Myanmar Health Project August 14, 2019

Hi Marc, 

I send you some photos. The picture are numbered the same as the description are numbered. Please see the photos.

1 .We found one child who is suffering wound on head for more than  3 week .help for treatment  and explain about hygiene.

2.We two children who were sick with fever and cough for  one week , we bring to clinic and help for medicine , food for family

3.We have found the man who is paralyses his right leg and bring to clinic and help the family.

4. The old man who live with his son and paralyses three time , we buy for his medicine and help for food.

5. We could continue to help the little girl who was abandoned by her parent.

6. We could help pregnant lady and provide some vitamin and help for the family.

7. We continue to help the lady who is living with her brother and have polio and bring her to clinic.

8. We found one family and three of the children got sick for fever and bring them to clinic.

9. Now the children are exciting to learn and improving a lot.

10. We feed the children nutrition food at preschool.

Love, Mawite CCM 

Saturday, August 24, 2019

This is Eric from Tarlac, The Philippines

This is Eric he has a sister who is battling cancer. He was working for years in Malaysia then he decided to come back to The Philippines to help his sister. 

He heard that his sister was now free of cancer but recently the cancer came back. So his sister needed to get full medical treatment and they see that she still has cancer so she needs to undergo chemotherapy treatment. 

We give him 2000 Pesos and that is $50 USD and he was really happy to receive that amount even if it is just a small amount it's a big help for his sister.

He is from Manila but he knows someone who lives in      Dap-Dap who gave him a job to be the manager at a beauty parlor thats how I met him. Happy we can help him with 100 Friends.

Update: Here Eric is with his sister in the hospital in Manila. We will help him some more with medical expenses, He said thank you for the assistance.

Friday, August 23, 2019

This is Mary Jane from The Philippines

This is Mary Jane Ocampo. 

She has 3 kids - 2 Boys and 1 Girl. She has a husband but he get fired from his job thats why she's the one working now at the hair salon where I met her. 

She tell me her stories about how life is hard to have three kids and her husband who can not find a job.

Plus her older son needs to have lifetime medicine for his Asthma. I gave her 1000 Pesos ($20 US) and she was really pleases and happy because she didn't expect to get that kind of amount in just one day. 

Then she got tears on her eyes. Even though it's a small amount you give to someone you don't know and just meet like that it feels good.  I am really happy that we can help like that. 

Thank you for 100 Friends especially to my husband who handle this kind of work that we can help poor people. Mary Jane lives in Dap-Dap Bamban, Tarlac, Philippines in my home town. I know she not just making stories to get sympathy because i can feel that she tell me its true.Okay that's her story.


Thursday, August 22, 2019

Supporting in Cambodia - Sophanna, Reaksa and the other girl from Porsat in Cambodia

Dear Marc, 

Thanks you very much for your quick respond and really appropriated of your help. Actually I have three case to ask you to support. One is Sophanna as you see my last email, the school doesn't tell her how much she need to pay yet but it might be 550$ per year.

 Another family is Mom family, do you remember a family that 100 Friend supported one year ago? you can see the photo in attachment, the older girl name Reaksa, she passed the grad 9 test to study grad 10th, the problems is that she have to move to live near the school, which 20km away from her family, in order to live there she need around 50$ per Month so Can you support that? 

Another girl that I ask you to support is in Porsat too but she will do her exam to finish High school on the 20th of August if she passed she want to come to Phnom Penh but she don't have money to pay for her university. I think would be good if you can help her, her school fee might be between 400 to 500$. I will let you know after her exam. 

Congratulation for 30 years of 100's Friend service , I really appropriated of support. Actually you still young even you turen 70 years old. 

Nice that you are with Rossel with the daughter, I wish all the best for her. 

Please have a look for the photo of Reaksa and her family. 


Hi Sreng,

Thanks for your helpful email. 

Yes, I am interested in helping these 3 young girls with their education as much as possible. This is my understanding although I know the amount of money required may change:

Sophanna $550 per year
Reaksa $600 per year
Another girl from Porsat about $450 per year

Do I have that right?

That would be $1600 per year, approximately. Let me know the timing on when you would need the funds. It would work best for me to give you $800 when you need me to send the money and another $800 in 6 months.

I await your reply. Also let me know the name of the other girl from Porsat and send more photos when you have them.

Best always,


Sunday, August 18, 2019

Help for the Grandmas in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Hi Ly An,

You did a good job thanks to visiting them. I agree with everything you did for them. 

So sorry to hear about Long Sambath but at least she had a very, very long life and we helped her a lot for about last 12 years. Looks like probably I might not see her again. 

How much did you spend yesterday when you see the grandmas? Tell me that and then I will add that to $80 per month for the next six months and we go from there.


Marc and Rossel Gold
100 Friends

Hi Marc,

I had visited the grandma yesterday. I did as before, bought some fish source, soy source, salt, sugar, sampoo ... and also give each of them 30000R (7.5$).

All of them not change much except Long Sambath. She is almost 109 years old now. She cannot walk or sit up now. She doesn't have specific sickness but just getting old. She cannot go to toilet by herself, so I bought the adult diaper, napkin (enough to use for one month) and give extra money to the young grandma who take care of her.

It's sad but I do feel that we have less and less time with her.... I told her that she need to stay healthy and wait for Marc to come here next year in March to see you. She smile....

Can I visit her twice a month and spent 40$ for Long Sambath and the young grandma who take care of her?

Thank you,

Ly An,

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Yush Sophanna a young woman in Cambodia receiving a scholarship (2nd year) from 100 Friends

Dear Marc, 

How are you? Long time not hearing from you. For me I am fine, my shop not working well but it is Ok, it keep going. 

It have been a year that I went to the US, I still remember a lots of things from there, I miss spending time with you, Rossel, Valerie, Lhamo and Phyllis, please say hello from me to them. 

Anyway I just want to update about Sphanna, she now finished the first and waiting to study in the second year but the problem is that she can not pay her school in the second year. Please let me know if you want to support her for the second year. 

The answer is yes - $550 per year


Monday, May 13, 2019

Report by Rossel Gold - and her sister Regine Sibal - from visits to 100 Friends project sites Burma and Cambodia March - April, 2019

Hello Love,

With all the travel that we been and this is the first time i did for my self doing 100 friends its really great feelings for me but of course its also nice if your with me but this things doing myself its really great. 

Thank you love for this opportunities that you give to me and do this with my sister Regine its really a great honor. I really want to thank you for this i can say this the best gift for me its feel like its my birthday everyday.

When we went to see the project in Myanmar and see the grandma in Cambodia without you i feel they all welcomed us with their gratitude that make me happy. We got them a washing machine and education supplies that they needed. 

I feel what you feel when you come that everyone really smile and hugging you like a king and Queen its really nice feeling. Even if Marc Gold not with me they really welcomed us specially me they really love both of us.I am glad we went and do the 100 Friends.

Thats what they say love. Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts thats what I learned from going to the Buddhism country. I learn how to let go for the negative thoughts and be a positive thinker. And of course being with you I learned a lot of things too and I will never forget your really my hero. You save me from the typhoon that was my life and i love you so much. You remember this word that you always say. Try and make people happy and you will make the world a better place. 

Okay thats it just feel like write you a long email let me know if you like and understand it okay my love. Take care and have a nice day.


Report #1 - malnourished baby:

Report #2 - boy with multiple problems

From her sister Regine:

Hello Brother Marc.

How are you? Me and my sister back in the Philippines now sorry if only now i send you email. Thank you so much for everything i really enjoy are trip in Myanmar Cambodia Thailand and Singapore first time for me to see outside of the Philippines its really amazing to see it and i really enjoy and at the same time sad. Because seeing the 100 friends project its really amazed me. At first i thought when you see Cambodia and Myanmar or any place outside Philippines i thought its all nice place i did not know they have also a poor people like in the Philippines. And suffer from disaster and from the government rules. Its really make me sad.

When my sister and i hear from you about your job i was thought okay its like here many poor people then when i see it on my own eyes i really admired you brother and my sister that you help many people.With the simple thing you make them really happy. Specially you brother you did this kind of work for long time. Thank you for give me a chance to see it. Yes we did here in Philippines but i am also happy to see your project in Myanmar and Cambodia. And meeting you friend Ben Mawite and LyAnn Sreng there all nice people.

And of course i had to meet your sister Valerie and Her friend phylis i really enjoy them there very nice even though i am shy and my english not good enough but i can understand them. Its like you brother really easy to communicate. I love your sister too she really nice person.Very sweet i can't thank you enough for what you did on my first travel. its really special...I am really 100 present happy and enjoy..And i am glad to meet Marty also his a nice guy.okay Brother i hope you can understand my email. My sister teach me because i really want to send you long email about my first trip and see your project. Thank you so much i love you brother.. Take Care always..


Taking the kids from CCM to the park in Yangon, Burma:

Friday, May 10, 2019

Phnom Penh Cambodia: The 100 Friends Kindergarten Report for February 2019 CBO


The Kindergarten Report for February 2019

  1. Introduction
On Friday 01st February 2019, the kindergarten had a trip to visit at Soun Kumar Pouchen Tong. The trip was participated by two teachers, two teacher assistants, and fifteen students that we started our trip at eight o’ clock in the morning by bus. The park is around ten kilometers from kindergarten class, and we spend around twenty minutes for driving. We stayed at the park for two hours with many kids’ activities. At the end, we came back to the kindergarten class at 10:30am. And then we arrived around school at eleven o’ clock. Thus, they had lunch at school normally.

  1. February Activities
   Field Trip:  Before the kindergarten left school to the park, they came to school early waiting the trip. When the students came to meet teachers and their friends, the teachers wore their name cards to them. Next, teachers called the students name to get on the bus one by one. In the bus, they were happy by singing and dancing with their friends. They saw many things and places such as cars, buses, buildings, trains and airplane along the street to the park. They felt wonderful and glad in the bus. In the park, when they arrived the park, the teachers called their names one by one to get off the bus. Then teachers guided the students into the park and sat on the grasses in circle. The teachers told the rules in the park and then teachers told the story before they separated their team to play in the park activities. They were tired, so the teachers need fifteen minutes to relax before they went to play the park activities. The students were happy because they had a trip with their teachers and friends. Some students sang a song and danced on the grasses with friends. There are many activities to play such as swings, spider webs, seesaws, slides and so on.    

    The students sit in circle to listen to teacher tell the rules and tell a story in the park before they go play game.

The students’ activities in the park
  On 13th February 2019, Sunrise Japan Hospital team came to check kindergarten’s health such as eyesight, wash the hands and measure the weight and high. The doctor team taught the children how to take care their body, hands eyes. Especially, taught them the ways they live with hygiene and clean environment. 

The kindergarten’s activities with Sunrise Japan Hospital team.

 Class Activities: During February, the students were coming to the class every day from Monday to Friday. The students lined up and took their shoes on the shelf before entered the classroom. In the classroom, the teachers let them to sing and dance for developing their physics. Before the students had lunch, they washed their hand and dried their hands by using towels, because the teachers wanted to teach them how to do hygiene in their living life and then they went to have lunch. After their lunch, they brought their plates to wash with teacher assistances. Actually, the school wanted to teach them how to wash their plates and to be a good habit to help other and themselves while they are growing up to adult.  Then the students went to take a nap in the library. 
Kindergarten’s activities

  1. III.Words from Parents
    Their parents are happy with school that their children have a chance to participate the kindergarten. Another thing, the kindergarten has a trip for kids to visit at Soun Kumar Pouchentong.  Because they are busy, they have not time to bring their children to visit the park and somewhere.

  1. Bunneth Yury is five years old. She likes to study in the kindergarten because she really likes her teacher and she wants to study in first grade in public school. She knows many pictures in the book, but she cannot read the words in English. She can count the numbers from one-ten. Her favorite food is fish with rice. In the class, she likes to draw a car in her notebook. She wants to got to visit Koh Pich resort with teachers and friends because there has many games to play such as ducklings, airplanes, cars, trains and so on. Her favorite game is car and airplane games. In the garden. She likes puppy. She wants to be a police woman in the future because she wants to catch chief in her home and protect her parents.
Bunneth Yury:

  1. Heng Sovanrachna is four years old. She likes to study in the kindergarten because she really loves her teacher, and she wants to study in first grade in public school. She knows many pictures in the book, but she cannot read the words in English. She can count the numbers from one-ten. Her favorite food is fish with rice. In the class, she likes to draw flower in her notebook. She wants to go to visit Koh Pich resort with teacher and friends because there has many games and activities to play such as ducklings, airplanes, cars train and so on. Her favorite game is car and airplane games. In the garden, she likes puppy. She wants to be a doctor in the future because she wants to cure her mom.

Heng Sovanrachna:

  1. Conclusion
In conclusion, they are well in practicing their activities in February. We have a strong vision to update their activities in next month. Especially, we have to reinforce the foundation of children education.
Children Bridge Organization would like to thank a lot for the first support and thank you in advance for your consideration for the second year. It would be best if we could continue our kindergarten project in Andong Slum for those vulnerable children. Without your support and approval of our project, we will not be able to help those children and help the family here.