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Support compassionate, practical and culturally compatible philanthropy

Support compassionate, practical and culturally compatible philanthropy
Support compassionate, practical and culturally compatible philanthropy

Monday, August 26, 2019

Community Care Myanmar Health Project August 14, 2019

Hi Marc, 

I send you some photos. The picture are numbered the same as the description are numbered. Please see the photos.

1 .We found one child who is suffering wound on head for more than  3 week .help for treatment  and explain about hygiene.

2.We two children who were sick with fever and cough for  one week , we bring to clinic and help for medicine , food for family

3.We have found the man who is paralyses his right leg and bring to clinic and help the family.

4. The old man who live with his son and paralyses three time , we buy for his medicine and help for food.

5. We could continue to help the little girl who was abandoned by her parent.

6. We could help pregnant lady and provide some vitamin and help for the family.

7. We continue to help the lady who is living with her brother and have polio and bring her to clinic.

8. We found one family and three of the children got sick for fever and bring them to clinic.

9. Now the children are exciting to learn and improving a lot.

10. We feed the children nutrition food at preschool.

Love, Mawite CCM 

Saturday, August 24, 2019

This is Eric from Tarlac, The Philippines

This is Eric he has a sister who is battling cancer. He was working for years in Malaysia then he decided to come back to The Philippines to help his sister. 

He heard that his sister was now free of cancer but recently the cancer came back. So his sister needed to get full medical treatment and they see that she still has cancer so she needs to undergo chemotherapy treatment. 

We give him 2000 Pesos and that is $50 USD and he was really happy to receive that amount even if it is just a small amount it's a big help for his sister.

He is from Manila but he knows someone who lives in      Dap-Dap who gave him a job to be the manager at a beauty parlor thats how I met him. Happy we can help him with 100 Friends.

Update: Here Eric is with his sister in the hospital in Manila. We will help him some more with medical expenses, He said thank you for the assistance.

Friday, August 23, 2019

This is Mary Jane from The Philippines

This is Mary Jane Ocampo. 

She has 3 kids - 2 Boys and 1 Girl. She has a husband but he get fired from his job thats why she's the one working now at the hair salon where I met her. 

She tell me her stories about how life is hard to have three kids and her husband who can not find a job.

Plus her older son needs to have lifetime medicine for his Asthma. I gave her 1000 Pesos ($20 US) and she was really pleases and happy because she didn't expect to get that kind of amount in just one day. 

Then she got tears on her eyes. Even though it's a small amount you give to someone you don't know and just meet like that it feels good.  I am really happy that we can help like that. 

Thank you for 100 Friends especially to my husband who handle this kind of work that we can help poor people. Mary Jane lives in Dap-Dap Bamban, Tarlac, Philippines in my home town. I know she not just making stories to get sympathy because i can feel that she tell me its true.Okay that's her story.


Thursday, August 22, 2019

Supporting in Cambodia - Sophanna, Reaksa and the other girl from Porsat in Cambodia

Dear Marc, 

Thanks you very much for your quick respond and really appropriated of your help. Actually I have three case to ask you to support. One is Sophanna as you see my last email, the school doesn't tell her how much she need to pay yet but it might be 550$ per year.

 Another family is Mom family, do you remember a family that 100 Friend supported one year ago? you can see the photo in attachment, the older girl name Reaksa, she passed the grad 9 test to study grad 10th, the problems is that she have to move to live near the school, which 20km away from her family, in order to live there she need around 50$ per Month so Can you support that? 

Another girl that I ask you to support is in Porsat too but she will do her exam to finish High school on the 20th of August if she passed she want to come to Phnom Penh but she don't have money to pay for her university. I think would be good if you can help her, her school fee might be between 400 to 500$. I will let you know after her exam. 

Congratulation for 30 years of 100's Friend service , I really appropriated of support. Actually you still young even you turen 70 years old. 

Nice that you are with Rossel with the daughter, I wish all the best for her. 

Please have a look for the photo of Reaksa and her family. 


Hi Sreng,

Thanks for your helpful email. 

Yes, I am interested in helping these 3 young girls with their education as much as possible. This is my understanding although I know the amount of money required may change:

Sophanna $550 per year
Reaksa $600 per year
Another girl from Porsat about $450 per year

Do I have that right?

That would be $1600 per year, approximately. Let me know the timing on when you would need the funds. It would work best for me to give you $800 when you need me to send the money and another $800 in 6 months.

I await your reply. Also let me know the name of the other girl from Porsat and send more photos when you have them.

Best always,


Sunday, August 18, 2019

Help for the Grandmas in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Hi Ly An,

You did a good job thanks to visiting them. I agree with everything you did for them. 

So sorry to hear about Long Sambath but at least she had a very, very long life and we helped her a lot for about last 12 years. Looks like probably I might not see her again. 

How much did you spend yesterday when you see the grandmas? Tell me that and then I will add that to $80 per month for the next six months and we go from there.


Marc and Rossel Gold
100 Friends

Hi Marc,

I had visited the grandma yesterday. I did as before, bought some fish source, soy source, salt, sugar, sampoo ... and also give each of them 30000R (7.5$).

All of them not change much except Long Sambath. She is almost 109 years old now. She cannot walk or sit up now. She doesn't have specific sickness but just getting old. She cannot go to toilet by herself, so I bought the adult diaper, napkin (enough to use for one month) and give extra money to the young grandma who take care of her.

It's sad but I do feel that we have less and less time with her.... I told her that she need to stay healthy and wait for Marc to come here next year in March to see you. She smile....

Can I visit her twice a month and spent 40$ for Long Sambath and the young grandma who take care of her?

Thank you,

Ly An,

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Yush Sophanna a young woman in Cambodia receiving a scholarship (2nd year) from 100 Friends

Dear Marc, 

How are you? Long time not hearing from you. For me I am fine, my shop not working well but it is Ok, it keep going. 

It have been a year that I went to the US, I still remember a lots of things from there, I miss spending time with you, Rossel, Valerie, Lhamo and Phyllis, please say hello from me to them. 

Anyway I just want to update about Sphanna, she now finished the first and waiting to study in the second year but the problem is that she can not pay her school in the second year. Please let me know if you want to support her for the second year. 

The answer is yes - $550 per year