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Support compassionate, practical and culturally compatible philanthropy

Support compassionate, practical and culturally compatible philanthropy
Support compassionate, practical and culturally compatible philanthropy

Monday, May 13, 2019

Report by Rossel Gold - and her sister Regine Sibal - from visits to 100 Friends project sites Burma and Cambodia March - April, 2019

Hello Love,

With all the travel that we been and this is the first time i did for my self doing 100 friends its really great feelings for me but of course its also nice if your with me but this things doing myself its really great. 

Thank you love for this opportunities that you give to me and do this with my sister Regine its really a great honor. I really want to thank you for this i can say this the best gift for me its feel like its my birthday everyday.

When we went to see the project in Myanmar and see the grandma in Cambodia without you i feel they all welcomed us with their gratitude that make me happy. We got them a washing machine and education supplies that they needed. 

I feel what you feel when you come that everyone really smile and hugging you like a king and Queen its really nice feeling. Even if Marc Gold not with me they really welcomed us specially me they really love both of us.I am glad we went and do the 100 Friends.

Thats what they say love. Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts thats what I learned from going to the Buddhism country. I learn how to let go for the negative thoughts and be a positive thinker. And of course being with you I learned a lot of things too and I will never forget your really my hero. You save me from the typhoon that was my life and i love you so much. You remember this word that you always say. Try and make people happy and you will make the world a better place. 

Okay thats it just feel like write you a long email let me know if you like and understand it okay my love. Take care and have a nice day.


Report #1 - malnourished baby:

Report #2 - boy with multiple problems

From her sister Regine:

Hello Brother Marc.

How are you? Me and my sister back in the Philippines now sorry if only now i send you email. Thank you so much for everything i really enjoy are trip in Myanmar Cambodia Thailand and Singapore first time for me to see outside of the Philippines its really amazing to see it and i really enjoy and at the same time sad. Because seeing the 100 friends project its really amazed me. At first i thought when you see Cambodia and Myanmar or any place outside Philippines i thought its all nice place i did not know they have also a poor people like in the Philippines. And suffer from disaster and from the government rules. Its really make me sad.

When my sister and i hear from you about your job i was thought okay its like here many poor people then when i see it on my own eyes i really admired you brother and my sister that you help many people.With the simple thing you make them really happy. Specially you brother you did this kind of work for long time. Thank you for give me a chance to see it. Yes we did here in Philippines but i am also happy to see your project in Myanmar and Cambodia. And meeting you friend Ben Mawite and LyAnn Sreng there all nice people.

And of course i had to meet your sister Valerie and Her friend phylis i really enjoy them there very nice even though i am shy and my english not good enough but i can understand them. Its like you brother really easy to communicate. I love your sister too she really nice person.Very sweet i can't thank you enough for what you did on my first travel. its really special...I am really 100 present happy and enjoy..And i am glad to meet Marty also his a nice guy.okay Brother i hope you can understand my email. My sister teach me because i really want to send you long email about my first trip and see your project. Thank you so much i love you brother.. Take Care always..


Taking the kids from CCM to the park in Yangon, Burma:

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