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Support compassionate, practical and culturally compatible philanthropy

Support compassionate, practical and culturally compatible philanthropy
Support compassionate, practical and culturally compatible philanthropy

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Helping a handicapped boy in Vietnam to generate income with a laptop

Hanoi, 16th Dec, 2016

Appreciation Letter

Dear the respected sponsor and Ms Hanh,

My name is Pham Van Hung.
My family's situation is that: my dad passed away early and my mum is Phan Thi Tinh. She is the sole breadwinner mother of two sick children born with this hemophilia disease, a type of bleeding disorder
My younger brother is Pham Quang Huy. He was born in 2001 with a muscular dystrophy genetic disorder with his left leg. This disease weakens his left leg muscle, restricts his ability to walk and causes him to be hobbled.
Currently, I also have a muscular dystrophy in my right leg, and my left knee is infectious and constantly in chronic pain. I and my brothers are always in sick and often need to be rushed to the hospital for treatments. 
This health condition affects both our ability to play, study and work normally. Also, my mum is getting older over time and become more tired of the increasing workload.

I grow up now and I want to ask my mum for permission to work in Hanoi so that I can at least take some burdens off her shoulder. First of all, it will be closer to my hospital for regular treatments. For such, I will suffer less pain and improve my daily health and working conditions.
Secondly, I want to be independent, to earn a living on my own and gain more exposures to the society so that I could subsequently help to cover part of my family's expenses. There are many types of work in Hanoi, but it is difficult to find a job that suits my health condition. Despite of my hard efforts, I have to give up numbers of good job opportunities
And then, I find online sales business fits my needs and health condition.
However, at first, I still need to find a job to gain more experiences and make a living. This online sales business requires me to have a laptop which I have not had yet.
My goal is to have a laptop so that I can use it to start my online sales business. To achieve this goal, I started working in a coffee shop
But, this low-pay job can only cover my rental fees, daily meal expenses and transportation costs.

In the depths of despair, I thought that I have to give up my dream at last.
And then I found my luck when I met Ms. Hanh. Owing to her help, I have a chance to know the respected sponsors even though there are many other unfortunate people who are also in need of assistance.
On behalf of my family, I want to sincerely appreciate for your kindness and love. With your financial assistance, I can finally achieve my dream and my mum can afford selling vegetables to make ends meet. Thank you for buying me a laptop for my online business.

In my last paragraph, I would like to send my most sincere thankfulness and best wishes to you, and Ms Hahn. And all the respected sponsors for your good health, full of happiness and great success in life and career.

Your sincerely, 
Pham Van Hung

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