Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Mr. Tam - Vietnamese recipient of wheelchair and funds for basic living expenses

Hoang Quyet Tam was born in Thanh Hoa Province. He is a military veteran and served in the army from 1970 to 1978 in the B war zone from Quang Tri to Tay Ninh Provinces, one of the most heavily bombed areas. When he returned from war, he worked as a driver, but unfortunately his legs got weaker and he became fully paralyzed about 10 years ago. 
His wife is also a military veteran, and they got married but did not have children. It was not until he got a health check up that he was found to be affected by Agent Orange dioxin. Both of them are now unable to work due to their deteriorating health condition, so they live on a government subsidy that provides 3 million VND per month ($128 USD).

Hello Mr. MARC GOLD,  I am Hoang Quyet Tam, I have received your precious help. I am very happy and grateful, please let me call you a kind-hearted friend.  I asked Ms. Ngo Thuy Hanh to send you the photos of my wife and me and a thank you letter, I wish you good health and success!  Sincerely,  Hoang Quyet Tam

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