Monday, July 09, 2018

Dear Marc,

Greetings to you from Baruipur Sitakundu Sneh Kunja (BSSK) and hope you are fine! 

At the very outset I would like to thank you for the prompt kindness meted out to the kids of our Boys Home by you. 

Have prepared a brief report for your kind perusal-

The roof of the room and bathrooms where 10 younger kids aged 10 years to 14 years used to sleep was badly damaged in a violent norwester storm on 29th April 2018. The roof which very old and was a tin one was wrested out of the iron angles and cracked and became full of holes as nails had been hammered into them while fixing them in the past..... 
The tin sheets got blown away and though collected by the kids and stacked safely they could not be put to much use because they were badly bent, rusted and cracked.The bathroom roofs too had almost all been blown away and after dismantling the remaining few it was found that not much could be saved or be put to use as the sheets were badly rusted and started crumbling. 

Works were highly delayed first due to extreme heat as laborers refused to work in the scorching sun on the rooftops and later because it kept raining continously and laborers refused to work once more, and this time because welding the iron joints would pose dangerous. 

Fortunately for us we were able to start works on 26.06. 18 and it was completed on the 30th of June 2018. The kids are very happy to be back into their familiar place and are able to go to the toilets and remain dry and comfortable! 

Money Received and Costs Involved-

Money Received - Rs. 60,000

Costs Involved -  Rs. 41,240 (Asbestos Sheets to replace the damaged Tin Sheets) and Rs. 16,000 (Labour Charges) 
Total = Rs. 47,240
Money Given = Rs. 47,000

Money Remaining with BSSK = Rs. 3000

Marc, another small request is that, could I spend the Rs. 3000 I have with me from the roof money to buy pant material to buy for junior kids please? 


Uttara BSSK Children's Program near Kolkata

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