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Support compassionate, practical and culturally compatible philanthropy

Support compassionate, practical and culturally compatible philanthropy
Support compassionate, practical and culturally compatible philanthropy

Monday, July 09, 2018

From Cambodia:

Dear Marc, 

Nhan Da just started his business as Motorbike repairing this week, we are now trying to support him as much as we can because started a business is not easy especially for him, we also asking the community chief and authority to help as well. he still need to take care his younger siblings because his mother and father are still in jail

Family in Cambodia. There are six children, no parents (both are in prison). We are supporting them with food allowance but we have a plan. The oldest is a teenage boy named Nhann Da. We are making a plan for support Nhann Da the oldest one in the family to open the shop for repairing motorbikes. Here is the family:.  

Please have a look for some update information bellow annd photo in attach file. 
1.     Mr. Nhann Da, the oldest brother in the extended family got a job as a mobile motor fixing in Andong on 10th of May, 2018, Sangkat Korkroka, Khan Prek Phnov, Phnom Penh city.
After providing him instrument and materials for running his business as a mobile motor fixing, now he can earn a little bit money five dollars per day to support his younger brothers and sisters, but he has to pay for daily expenses for them like daily snacks and food so it is difficult for him to save, every day he tries his best to fix the motorbikes or bicycles as possible as he can. It depends on the customers, some days he can fix more and some days he can’t fix so his income is not regular.
2.      His younger sister, Mrs. Nhann Sophea is the second child after Nhan Da, she got married at the age of 19 years and now she had one child and she gets a job as a factory work with her husband.
3.      His second younger sister, Miss. Nhann Sambath is 14 years old. She studies grade 7 at Chhouk Va secondary school both in the morning and afternoon.
4.      His younger brother, Nhann Chamrouen is 12 years old, he studies grade 5 at Korkroka primary school in the morning and afternoon with SCCO program.
5.      Nhan Chamrong is 10 years old. He studies grade 3 at Korkroka primary school in the afternoon, and morning with SCCO program.
6.      Nhann Keo Veasna is 6 years old. Temporarily he studies with our teacher in the community with SCCO program.
7.      Nhann Samnang is 4 years old. He temporarily goes to study with his older brother in the community, too.
In order to survive, Da has to work hard to support his six younger bothers and sisters for daily snacks, food, and others, fortunately 100 friends can help some more to support food. SCCO staff in the community do our best to follow up, and counsel, and give school materials and fee. 

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